And all of us are merely players (Friends & Family)

From time to time, and mostly in my weblog, I refer to friends and family members. The most important people in my life are here, with brief descriptions and occasional pics.

Jon -- Love of my life. Need I say more? Jon explains himself pretty well on his webpage, which he updates much more frequently than I do...

Janie -- My sister is my only sibling. She has a husband, K.C., two boys (Witt, nine, and Luke, not-quite-two). Currently living in Winston-Salem, NC, she has an abiding desire to travel far, far away. She's also a kick-ass artist, and I will try to persuade her to send me some of her drawings.

Mom and Dad (aka Papa Tito) run a furniture and knick-knacks store in Mocksville, NC. Their favorite joint pastimes are playing with their grandsons and bugging my sister.

Rachel -- Without a doubt, my oldest friend (with whom I'm still in contact. Rachel's honest outlook and practical stance on life make her a worthy confidant. I met her at Wake, the first day of school. Rachel lives in Lewisville, NC with her husband Doug and daughter Clare, 2.

Kellie -- Also a college chum, Kellie recently wed her beau, Larry.  I admire her dedication and motivation.  Kellie is seeking her PhD while working full time.